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Rush (2014, re. 2019) by Kenneth Fuchs (b. 1956)

Rush (Concerto for Eb Alto Saxophone) was commissioned by Ryan Janus, principal saxophonist of the United States Air Force Academy Band and a consortium of saxophonists and ensemble conductors.

It begins with a rhapsodic first movement that balances the saxophone's capacity for lyricism and technical agility and is immediately followed the second movement that draws from jazz elements in a virtuosic display. 

Performed by Jeffrey Leung, saxophone; Yi-Hui Chen, piano

Recorded on December 7, 2019 at Michigan State University

Garlic (2017) by Timothy Peterson (b. 1994)

Garlic for Saxophone Quartet and Drum Set was part of a collaborative project between Timothy and the Adamas Quartet during their final semester at the University of Michigan. The piece is a highly rhythmic tune that is driven by the drum set in an energetic and exciting mash up.

Performed by Adamas Quartet; David Alvarez III, drums

Recorded on August 4, 2017 at the University of Michigan by Sly Pup Productions

Sonate en ut# (1943) by Fernande Decruck (1896-1954)

In recent years, Fernande Decruck's Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano has quickly grown to be one of her most popular and important compositions taking the saxophone concert and competition stages by storm. These live performance excerpts feature melodic extensions from Decruck's alternate viola part, edited and arranged by Jeffrey Leung. 

Performed by Jeffrey Leung, saxophone; Yalan Piao, piano

Recorded in October 2018 at Michigan State University

BIG Talk (2017) by Shelley Washington (b. 1991)

Notes from Shelley Washington: BIG Talk was written as a personal response to the repulsive prevalence of rape culture that can be observed in catcalling and sexual harassment that female-identifying persons experience and endure on a daily basis. Many women experience these situations enough to psychologically alter their self-perception and their perception of others in a long-lasting negative way: fear, anger, depression- emotions that seep deeper into the self and permeate deeper into society.

This unrelenting, churning duo is written to be somewhat of an endurance piece that incorporates all aspects of the body- the muscular ability to play the piece, the wind to power the horn, the focus to see it through...

Performed by Adam Epler and Jeffrey Leung, baritone saxophones

Recorded on October 13, 2017 at Michigan State University

"Jeffrey Leung’s projects are thoughtful, creative, smart, in touch, funny or touching as appropriate, with meticulous attention to details and the big picture as well; he is a powerful creative force with a generous spirit."

Dr. Kathyrn Goodson

Collaborative pianist at the University of Michigan

Artistic Director and Founder of Songs4Winds 

Speak, my soul (2016) by Roydon Tse (b. 1991)

From Roydon Tse: Speak, my soul (2016) is a still and deliberately simple piece for alto saxophone and piano. The piece came about as a commission from Jeffrey, who wanted a piece to showcase his lyrical side as a performer having already received many commissions that were quite fast and furious. Personally speaking, it was a pleasure to write Silence, my soul since the piece preceded four other compositions that were extremely fast and taxing to write. This piece for me was a point of reflection as I looked inward to create an emotional and sonic landscape that for me would be most genuine. 

Speak, my soul was co-commissioned by Jeffrey Leung and Novus New Music, Inc. 

Performed by Jeffrey Leung, saxophone; Liz Ames, piano

Recorded on October 15, 2016 at the University of Michigan by Sly Pup Productions

Trailing Wings (2018) by Theo Chandler (b. 1992)

Trailing Wings in a concertino for alto saxophone and chamber winds that was inspired by the motion of birds as they take flight and migrate over vast expanses of space. The piece was commissioned as part of the Maryland Wind Festival's 2019 season.

Performed by Jeffrey Leung, saxophone; Tyler Austin, conductor; Maryland Chamber Winds

Recorded on June 19, 2019 in Trinity Lutheran Church in Hagerstown, MD as part of the Maryland Wind Festival

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